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NINE WAVES is a modern fashion forward clothing and shoe store. At NINE WAVES many of our brands are exclusive to us in Canada from fashion houses in Denmark. Brands like MASAI, SKOVHUUS, OneMore, Marc Lauge, Handberg and SOULMATE can only be found at NINE WAVES. With an additional large selection of many mainstream brands, NINE WAVES has a great selection for the quality/price minded customer.

Basis for the Name Nine Waves

The name NINE WAVES originates from the Scandinavian mythology and is often referred to as the Nine Sisters of the Ocean, who gave birth to the god Heimdallr. Heimdallr guarded the burning rainbow bridge “Bifrost” that lead into heaven.


NINE WAVES started on main street in Lucknow in a small retail location in 2005. Since then the Lucknow location has moved to a much larger location on Highway 86 and two more locations have been added. The Kincardine NINE WAVES opened in 2008 on Queen Street and the Listowel NINE WAVES in 2014 on Main Street (Highway 86). The owner of NINE WAVES, Helene Jakobsen, came from Denmark in 2003 with her husband and three children.

We look forward to serving you at one of our three NINE WAVES location.

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